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Tomorrow Never Comes in Junktown, U.S.A.

Stefan is the heart of Junktown. He's the mayor, the architect, and the garbageman of the seaside settlement. Bobby is the thorn in Stefan's side. He's the drunk, the action hero, and the litterbug of Junktown.

Different as they are, these two men are bound ton one another by partnership, by friendship, and by something else that keeps them tethered even when they find themselves on opposite sides of the last and greatest divide.

Solomon! Solomon!

In Istanbul, Solomon pushes paper for a domineering professor named Dede. Solomon followed Dede to Turkey in hope of education, friendship, and the opportunity of a new life once he returned to Africa.

Now, he finds himself trapped in Dede's office working off a debt he may never be able to repay. Gradually, he begins to realize he's not the only one caught in the professor's web.

Oceans Under Oceans

The darkness is thick. The pressure is immense. Nothing is clear, not even what's right in front of your eyes. This isn't the bottom of the sea, this is the life of Washington Bell.

Washington navigates this unforgiving world wearing a hard outer shell, but his heart is continuously torn between his brilliant younger brother, his God-fearing grandmother, and his dying mother. When an opportunity presents itself that promises to lift Washington and everyone he loves out of poverty, he grabs for it. But in the depths, even hope may not be what it seems.